Welcome to Smart IOT

At Smart Internet of Things or SmartIoT I provide information and know-how about interesting IoT projects that are important for a good understanding if IoT and beside that they are interesting and really make sense to implement. The possibilities we have today to use those small and powerful components like Raspberry Pi or Arduino modules and so many different sensors to measure and generate data are endless. It is up to you and your imagination what you make out of those components. You can have a look at the my components page to get an overview about some of the most popular parts.

You may try to copy code snippets from different projects that you find on the Internet. But it is far more fun if you get the idea behind things and understand them. This way you will automatically start developing new ideas and you will be able to make them on your own.

Usually you can read a bit about how to make a project but after a while you will see that reading and doing are quite different things. So go ahead and get some of those general purpose devises like an Arduino Uno or a Raspberry Pi and start coding and experimenting with them. Raspberry Pi is somehow a complete computer running Linux that gives you tons of possibilities and opportunies to transfer ideas into reality. In my articles I recomment the parts that you will need. Sometimes it makes sense to have a bigger basket of electronic parts like resistors and LEDs so that you can play around without having to purchase new ones. See this page to get an idea of them.

Here you don’t need to copy code. You will understand to code on your own.